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We only charge $100

$2600+ rent guaranteed

You can cancel anytime

We're investors ourselves

We get paid when you get paid

We live in Parkchester

About us

Carter Real Estate offers quality property management in Parkchester. We love this beautiful community, and we see enormous potential in it. Every member of our team either lives here, or is a landlord here. We live and breathe this vibrant neighborhood. Collectively, our small team has almost 100 years of  experience managing our own Parkchester investment apartments, and we are very excited to now offer our services to the entire community.

About us
We only charge $100

We only charge $100

We charge our clients a flat management fee of $100/month. This is an unbeatable price. If you find a reputable licensed management company that offers you a better deal, we will manage your property for half their price for a year!

We get you top dollar

We get you top dollar

$2600+ for 1-bedroom apartments.

$2900+ for 2-bedroom apartments.

Guaranteed! Contact us for details.

We don't get paid until you get paid

We don't get paid
until you get paid

In Ancient China, the Emperor's doctors only got paid when the Emperor was in good health. We adopt a similar philosophy. We get paid when you get paid. If your tenant is a week late with their rent, we get our management fee one week late. If the tenant doesn't pay, you don't have to pay us. It's called putting our money where our mouth is.

We are investors

We are investors ourselves

Our CEO owns 127 apartments (and counting). Our office manager owns 6. Our in-house attorney owns 13. The CEO's mom owns two. Even our receptionist recently bought her first investment property! We've been running our own Parkchester portfolio for 15 years, and recently started offering the same service to the entire community. When you hire us, you join our family and you get the exact same quality of service we give ourselves.

You can cancel amytime

You can cancel anytime

The competition tries to lock you into long contracts. We don't. You can fire us anytime, if you want to. But you won't want to. Managing an investment property is hard work (tenant relations, code compliance, maintenance, condominium interfacing, etc), but we make it easy, and you'll never want to leave us.

We live here!

We don't just believe in Parkchester, we live in Parkchester. Our CEO's father lives right on the Oval. Our office manager has her 2bdr on Metropolitan and her parents live on E Tremont. Our Receptionist lives on McGraw.

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