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Meet the team

Carter Garacci

The company's mascot and namesake, Carter is our CEO Luca's son. His job for now is just to look adorable, but as soon as he can walk, we'll put him to work collecting rent, painting apartments, etc. He already attended two closings!


Luca Garacci - CEO

Luca owns 120+  Parkchester apartments, is a member of the Parkchester North Board of Directors, and for the last ten years has been managing 200+ additional apartments for clients, friends and family. He's happy to finally bring his management company "public" and offer the management skills he's acquired over all these years to the entire Parkchester community.

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Jamie Zschusschen - Office Manager

Jamie runs our daily operations and makes sure everything goes smoothly. With extraordinary managerial multitasking skills, and a solid investment portfolio of her own, Jamie is the glue that holds our company together. If you have a problem, chances are Jamie has the solution.

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